Let us introduce our business to you…

Who are we and what is our mission?

Patore’ wooden bow ties are expertly crafted by a family-run company based in the heart of Mugeni, a small village in Transylvania, and officially represented in the UK by Wooden Accessories Ltd from Poole, Dorset.

With each bow tie being lovingly created from solid wood, the grain ensures no two are alike. The wood is cut, polished and then treated with a specialised lacquer to protect the finish. The centrepiece design can be customised to your specification with either leather, fabric or silver/golden metallic and is worn via a fully-adjustable black neck strap to fit any size.


Patore’ wooden bow ties are the perfect addition to complete any ensemble. Lightweight, unique and with each being as individual as you are, these accessories are a must to effortlessly enhance the wardrobe for any occasion.

Perfect for fashion conscious people, to make your formal wear inimitable. Works properly with any suit or casual wear to give a twist to your appearance. No matter whether you are on a birthday party, savouring a great wine on a dinner party or enjoying a wedding these wooden bow ties will transform your normal wear into something special. Guaranteed it will be a talking point!


Patore’ is not just about a perfect gentleman but also about a very attractive woman, and elegant kids, therefore we created a few models for them too. 


The wooden cufflinks are also part of the range to match the style/design of the bow ties.

Patore_Wooden_Cufflinks_1  Patore_Wooden_Cufflinks_2  Patore_Wooden_Cufflinks_3


What made us decide to start our business?

Our passion for handmade accessories, and our commitment to create something unique, classy and elegant drove to the reborn of the classic menswear for fashion conscious people.

We love nature, therefore we selected wood to be our core material, alongside the positive energy that is added to each wooden bow tie. We are very proud that our enthusiasm and efforts resulted in an innovative product that established wood as a new and distinctive material in the fashion industry.


How does our company differ from our competitors and what is our USP?

Our expertise and commitment to the perfect design results in creating not only a perfectly handcrafted product but also we fill in these wooden bow ties with positive energy and we give them a personality.

Each of the bow ties have got their own name (ex: Charles Woods, James Clark etc), which emphasizes their uniqueness. They are delivered in a beautiful display case made from the same cherry wood with a satin in-lay.

There is no other supplier in the UK that can offer the wooden bow ties in 9 different shapes to fulfill every taste from the very classical to the luxury, with customizable centre piece to suit every demand.

People's story and even photos can be laser engraved on the wooden bow ties to make it more personal, this is one of our biggest competitive advantage. Delivery is prompt, we offer great customer service to be aligned with our mission which is to make people happy.